De ce să mă întorc acasă?

Entrepreneurs for youth!

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The Agency of Harghita County will continue this year the visits to the management class within the programme supporting and promoting vocational education.

The first location this year is Kós Károly Technological High School in Odorheiu Secuiesc. The graduating tourism students received useful advice for their future from the managers of the exemplary Septimia Hotels&Spa Resort.

The Development Agency team presented the recently launched mobile app “Hargita Hazavár”, encouraging young people to download it as it contains a lot of useful information for those starting a career. They also detailed the Development Agency’s programmes and Harghita County Council’s activities for young people.

Representing Septimia Hotels&Spa Resort, István Verzár, Human Resources Director, stressed the importance of learning, speaking from his own experience about the importance of staying at home as an entrepreneur facing labour shortages.

Csaba Pál, restaurant manager, stressed the importance of setting a concrete goal in life for young people, while highlighting the opportunities in this profession.

Our speakers encourage those who are willing to work to stay here, thus contributing to the survival of local businesses and the development of our region.

We thank Kós Károly Technological High School for their continued cooperation, our speakers for their meaningful presentations and the students for their active attention.

Download the mobile app “Hargita Hazavár”, where you can find a lot of useful information and job advertisements.