Starting a family at home

Young people are motivated by a sense of adventure, a bright future and the hope of a better life – it’s only natural that many take advantage of the opportunities life abroad offers. Many statistics show how many people are forced to go abroad in search of a better life, but nobody talks about how hard it is to be away from home, family and friends. Our homeland is important not only because we were born there, but also because it is the place where we have our roots, our loved ones, our friends, our traditions, our culture and, in general, the place where we get our basic identity, which is what defines us most. In the family environment, family support and the presence of close relatives are a valuable resource.

The world is changing more than ever. But family, family ties, can still be a real resilience. It is good to see and experience that more and more young people nowadays decide to move from abroad and continue to build their lives, the foundations of their family’s happiness and stability in Harghita County, and we try to create a suitable quality of life and opportunities for them.