Original documents required:

– Application for the issue of an identity card.

– Birth certificate

– Identity card of one of the parents or the legal representative, with which the proof of address of residence is also provided.

– Parents’ marriage certificate or divorce certificate accompanied by parental consent/final/irrevocable divorce decree, as the case may be, if the parents are divorced.

– Receipt for the ID card.

On reaching the age of 14 (IN NO EVENT LATER), the minor shall present him/herself at the counter of the Public Community Service for the Registration of Persons, accompanied by one of his/her parents or, where appropriate, his/her legal representative, by the designated person from the specialised centre under the authority of the public social welfare service or by the person to whom he/she has been placed in care, in order to apply for the issue of the identity card.

Where the parents have different residences, the application for the issue of the identity card shall be signed by the parent with whom the minor is domiciled, in accordance with the law.

In the case of a minor who has been entrusted by court order to one of the parents but who is permanently resident with the other parent, a declaration of consent is required from the parent to whom the minor has been entrusted, stating that he or she agrees that the minor’s identity card should include the address at which he or she is permanently resident.

The declaration can be made at the counter, in the presence of the staff of the Community Public Service for the registration of persons, and in cases where the parent cannot be present at the counter, the declaration must be authenticated at the diplomatic mission of Romania in the state where the child is, at the Romanian notary public or at the competent foreign authorities. In the latter case, the declaration must be submitted translated and legalised.

Romanian citizens living abroad may submit the application for the issuance of the first identity card together with the documents stipulated by law to the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania in the respective states.

If the applicant for a new identity card has not reached the age of 18 at the date of submission of the application, the documents listed above are required.