Useful information on returning home

In recent years, more and more young people are choosing to return to their home town or region. Moving home is an opportunity to build closer relationships with loved ones and experience life’s joys and challenges together. In smaller urban or rural areas, homes are usually more affordable and everyday living can cost less. Moving home gives you the opportunity to be part of the local community and experience its traditions and culture. In Harghita County, we have stunning natural beauty that not only provides an aesthetic experience, but also contributes to well-being and health. The county offers a typically relaxed environment for young people, where calm and a slower pace of life can be attractive instead of the hustle and stress of big cities, but at the same time, our county has no shortage of opportunities for entertainment, sport and culture.

We are glad that more and more young people are discovering the advantages of living in Harghita County. Harghita County Council and Harghita County Development Agency are working hard to help young people living and moving back home, which is one of the reasons why the Harghita Awaits You Home job website was created in 2019, offering useful information and opportunities for those returning home, in addition to job opportunities.
We encourage you, dear young person, to browse our website and if you don’t find the information and help you need, please contact us. We believe that moving home can be a valuable and enriching experience in every person’s life.