Funding opportunities

There are now many calls for funding, not only for companies or associations, but also for individuals. The purpose of these calls can be very diverse, for example to provide financial support, promote innovation, social responsibility, support research or development, provide training and education, protect the environment and others.

Submitting an application offers benefits that not only provide financial support but also long-term business growth opportunities or personal development. They create opportunities for businesses to enter new markets or introduce new products and services. They can encourage businesses to think big and take risks in new areas. There are a number of tender writing companies with experts who have knowledge of the legislation and requirements in the field, so it is worth asking for their help in some cases.

There are so many different ways to apply, and on our website we’ve included a few sites that are worth checking out from time to time to find a good opportunity. New calls for proposals are constantly appearing, so it’s worth keeping an eye on calls for proposals at European level, national level, or even at smaller county or regional level.

If you are interested in applying but don’t know where to look for the opportunities, or if you are stuck in writing an application, please feel free to contact the team of the Harghita County Development Agency, we will try to guide you through this sometimes very long and complicated process.