Documents Required for the ePassport

Documents required for the issuance of a simple e-passport in the case of adults residing in Romania

– Identity card, provisional identity card or, if applicable, identity card, valid within the validity period, in original. The provisional identity card must be accompanied by the original birth certificate.

– The document proving the payment of the passport fee, in original, or the payment document/proof of transaction, issued in paper or electronic format, containing the transaction number and the data of the person in whose name the travel document is requested (name, surname, national identity card), as well as the payment for the type of passport requested.

– The previous passport, if it exists.


In the case of persons temporarily deprived of legal capacity, applications for the issuance of a simple e-passport may be submitted on behalf of the holder by the legal representative or by the Romanian medical authorities, the presence of the holder being mandatory. In these cases, the application must be accompanied, where applicable, by the final and irrevocable court judgment of prohibition, or the final court judgment for the trials started on or after 15 February 2013, accompanied, where applicable, by the act appointing the legal representative. Court judgments submitted must bear the original court stamp. Judgments delivered abroad must meet the conditions laid down by law for recognition and enforcement.

Fingerprints and a facial image are taken from the applicant when submitting the application (persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible are exempted from providing fingerprints).

Simple electronic passports are issued, upon request, to Romanian citizens who meet the conditions provided for by Law no. 248/2005 with subsequent amendments and additions, regarding the regime of free movement of Romanian citizens abroad and are not in one of the situations of suspension of the right to travel abroad.

During the suspension of the exercise of the right to free movement abroad, the Romanian citizen is temporarily refused the issue of the travel document by the authority competent to issue this document, and if it has been issued, it is withdrawn by the authorities competent to enforce the measure.