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Job description

  • Design and development of Android applications;
  • Implement data security measures to protect users’ data;
  • Development and implementation of applications in accordance with our company’s standards;
  • Quality control of the written code before handing over the application;
  • Collaborate with UI and UX designers as well as software testers to ensure that all applications are error-free and functional;
  • Follow up on application checks for possible improvements;
  • Update applications, fix bugs and develop additional functionalities before handing over the application;

Our important expectations:

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) experience
  • Java knowledge;
  • Understanding and knowledge of the most commonly used design patterns;
  • Structured programming, use and understanding of MVP / MVC;
  • Addiction injections;
  • SQL and NoSQL database knowledge;
  • Using git;
  • Team player behavior;
  • Progressive thinking, interest in the latest technological solutions


  • Knowledge of Android device sensors; 
  • Experience with Google services; 
  • Knowledge of location-based services; 
  • Knowledge of Google Firebase; 
  • Knowledge of non-relational databases; 
  • Knowledge of the Google application publishing process;


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